The Alberta Government is making it easier for Albertans to qualify for legal aid.

Legal aid helps provide legal services at an affordable rate to lower income families who need representation in family law, family violence matter, child welfare, immigration, youth criminal defense, and adult criminal defense.

The qualifying income threshold, also known as the financial eligibility guidelines, is going to rise from $24,256 (gross) to $30,000 (gross) per year.

That means any who makes $30,000 a year or less may be eligible to receive representation through legal aid.

“Legal aid helps people in some of the most trying periods of their lives. Whether it’s a parent fighting for child support or a survivor of domestic violence fleeing an abusive partner, fairness before the courts shouldn’t depend on the size of a person’s bank account,” explains Minister of Justice and Attorney General Mickey Amery. “Increasing the financial eligibility guidelines will allow more Albertans to qualify for legal aid and get the help they need when they need it.”

The new threshold guideline will take effect on April 1.

For more information, check out the Legal Aid Alberta website.

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