Prestonsburg, Ky. (WYMT) – AppalreD Legal Aid, which has served Eastern Kentuckians in civil cases for decades, now has a new leader.

Angeleigh Dorsey, who had many years of prior experience in legal aid, was hired as the new executive director.

In her first few weeks, Dorsey said disaster response, even more than a year since the July 2022 flood, continues to be a top priority.

“A lot of times the legal issues come in later to the game. People, they need to get in housing. They need to make sure everybody’s safe. They need to take care of all their immediate concerns, but then down the line, that’s when all the legal problems related with disasters pop up,” said Angeleigh Dorsey.

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While increasing disaster response, the executive director also said they want the opportunity to become more involved in the community.

“One of the ways that we can help if groups are forming non-profits to try to promote affordable housing, or maybe they need some services that aren’t in the community right now, but they don’t know where to begin, but there may be some people working together as a group,” said Dorsey.

AppalreD serves 37 counties with around 200,000 people qualifying for their services, and because of that, Dorsey said one of their goals is to possibly expand beyond six offices.

“I would love to have more legal aid, you know, satellite offices or places people can get to us if they can’t reach us. If we don’t have a place right in their community,” she said.

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