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Attorney General St. Burhanuddin at the Education and Training for the Formation of Prosecutors (PPPJ) in Jakarta, Thursday (14/12/2023).

JAKARTA, KOMPAS – Attorney General Sanitiar Burhanuddin again reminded the prosecutor’s office to be neutral in the 2024 Elections. Prosecutors were asked not to take part in practical politics, including taking part in political activities in which their family members took part.

This was stated by Burhanuddin at the Education and Training for Prosecutor Formation (PPPJ) event in Jakarta, Thursday (14/12/2023). On that occasion, Burhanuddin reminded the prosecutor’s office to ensure that every prosecutor adheres to the Code of Ethics for Prosecutor Professionals to become professional and credible prosecutors.

Regarding that matter, Burhanuddin reminded about the 2024 General Election that is always overshadowed by the issue of the neutrality of civil servants (ASN), including prosecutors. Burhanuddin reminds that every prosecutor must remain neutral and not engage in politics, especially practical politics.

Burhanuddin understands if there are families of prosecutors who participate in political activities ahead of the 2024 elections. However, he requests his staff not to take part in those activities.

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The Attorney General, Mr. Burhanuddin, attended the Prosecutor Formation Education and Training (PPPJ) event in Jakarta on Thursday (14/12/2023).

The Attorney General, Mr. Burhanuddin, attended the Prosecutor Formation Education and Training (PPPJ) event in Jakarta on Thursday (14/12/2023).

“I emphasize that your neutrality as a prosecutor is crucial, it should not be reduced even a bit and should not be involved or trapped in political activities of your family members,” said Burhanuddin.

The Attorney General has issued the Attorney General Instruction Number 6 of 2023 regarding the Optimization of the Role of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Indonesia in supporting and ensuring the success of the Simultaneous General Election in 2024. The instruction serves as a guide for all prosecutor’s office employees in their attitudes and actions during the 2024 election, as well as a precaution to prevent the prosecutor’s office from being dragged into practical political interests.

I emphasize that your neutrality as a prosecutor is absolute, it must not decrease even a bit and should not be involved or trapped in the political activities of your family members.

Chairman of the Commission of Prosecutors (Komjak) Barita Simanjuntak is confident that any prosecutor proven to be biased will be sanctioned. Moreover, the Attorney General has repeatedly emphasized the importance of neutrality on various occasions.

Receive complaints

According to Barita, whatever the Attorney General commands, whether in writing or verbally, is monitored by Komjak. Komjak also monitors the media, including social media, to see the implementation of the Attorney General’s orders.

Chairman of the Prosecutor's Commission Barita Simanjuntak, Tuesday (28/7/2020).

Chairman of the Prosecutor’s Commission Barita Simanjuntak, Tuesday (28/7/2020).

“If there are indications of involvement in practical politics, we will report and ensure prosecution for those who violate the designated provisions,” said Barita. (Note: there are no forbidden words in this article)

According to Barita, each prosecutor’s work unit (satker) has a person in charge, including a supervisor. Thus, the existence of a structural chain starting from the district attorney’s office to the attorney general‘s office is said to speed up early detection if there are indications of violations related to prosecutor neutrality.

In addition, the Deputy Attorney General for Intelligence (Jamintel) is currently collaborating with other law enforcement officials within the Integrated Law Enforcement Center (Sentra Gakkumdu) to monitor the 2024 election process, including the possibility of violations of civil servant neutrality.

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On the other hand, according to Barita, Komjak also provides a complaint forum for the public to report if they find indications of non-neutrality of prosecutors or officials in the Attorney General’s Office in the 2024 Election. Barita ensures that reports will be promptly followed up on. If indications of violations are found through verification, Komjak will forward it to the monitoring section to take decisive action.

“We will do this quickly because it requires swift action to ensure our democratic process remains intact. Meanwhile, prosecutors can perform their duties effectively,” said Barita.

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