Mexico City, Mexico–(Newsfile Corp. – November 12, 2023) – A leading law firm in Latin America has unveiled its 2024 Legal Services Trends Report, highlighting the evolving dynamics in the legal sector. The study emphasizes the significance of expertise, specialization, and reputation when businesses select external legal counsel. The report also points out the increasing role of technology, digitization, and artificial intelligence in transforming the legal industry.

Chief Legal Officers: 2024 Legal Services Trends Report by Santamarina + Steta

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In the constantly changing landscape of the 21st century, every industry is transforming, and the legal field is no different. Recently published by Santamarina + Steta, a prominent law firm in Latin America, the 2024 Legal Services Trends Report provides an extensive exploration of the shifting dynamics within the legal sector. This study primarily focuses on understanding the requirements and preferences of businesses and their legal departments when seeking external legal advice.

The importance of expertise, specialization, and reputation in selecting an external law firm is emphasized in the report. It highlights how businesses prioritize these qualities and cost efficiency when their corporate legal departments search for advisors. Key factors such as recommendations, references, practice areas, and effective communication are pivotal in this selection process.

Jorge León Orantes, Chairman of Santamarina + Steta, shared his insights on the firm’s approach, stating, “At Santamarina + Steta, we focus on actively monitoring legal developments in Mexico and internationally. This is combined with a strong emphasis on the ongoing training of our lawyers, which enables us to stay up to date with the latest trends and changes. We leverage our international network to exchange ideas and maintain a global perspective while implementing technology to enhance efficiency in our work. Above all, we maintain a proactive approach, anticipating changes rather than simply reacting to them. This composite approach will allow us to adapt to future regulatory and legal changes.”

The legal sector, much like other professional services, is experiencing a significant transformation. Technological advancements, digitization efforts, and the growing reliance on artificial intelligence tools drive this change. Juan Carlos Machorro, a Partner at Santamarina + Steta, has provided insights into this evolving landscape. He affirms that the future of all professional services, including legal services, is undergoing a profound transformation by adopting new techniques, digitization processes, and undoubtedly through artificial intelligence tools.

Roberto Fernández del Valle, a partner at Santamarina + Steta, emphasized the need for strengthening these connections, stating, “There will be more and better technological tools that will make the provision of legal services more efficient. Just consider the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, the human connections of legal service providers with clients, from business leaders to members of organizations such as CEOs, Managing Directors, and legal teams, need to be strengthened. Lawyers will require more sensitivity than ever and be truly connected with our clients, their needs, and their ways of working.”

The 2024 Legal Services Trends Report by Santamarina + Steta is a comprehensive guide for law firms in Mexico and Latin America. It aids them in understanding the evolving needs of their corporate clients. By focusing on these highlighted aspects, law firms can position themselves more effectively within a fiercely competitive market. It ensures they stay ahead of legal trends and deliver exceptional client services

In conclusion, the evolution of the legal landscape demands that law firms prioritize understanding their client’s needs, embrace technological advancements, and foster genuine human connections. Among them, Santamarina + Steta is a benchmark for excellence in Latin American law firms. Their proactive approach and emphasis on technological innovation and personal relationships undoubtedly position them as leaders in the industry.

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About Santamarina + Steta:

Santamarina + Steta is a renowned law firm in Latin America, distinguished by its extensive experience and unwavering commitment to excellence within the legal sector. With a rich history and a forward-thinking approach, this premier firm consistently spearheads legal advancements while providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses and individuals. By blending tradition with innovation, Santamarina + Steta proudly adopts a proactive stance, offers a global perspective, and wholeheartedly dedicates itself to ensuring client success.

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