The District Legal Services Authority in association with White Globe NGO organised an awareness camp for tribal communities in Srinagar on World Tribal Day, an official said on Wednesday. According to Secretary District Legal Services Authority Srinagar Jahinger Bakshi, the District Legal Services Authority hosted an awareness camp for the tribal people in collaboration with the White Globe NGO on the outskirts of Srinagar in Dhara Harwan.

This initiative aims to empower and educate the tribal community about their rights and provide them with essential legal knowledge and support. Each year, on the World Tribal Day we recognize and honor the unique cultures, traditions, and contributions of tribal communities around the world, said the official.

The awareness camp is a platform to raise awareness about the challenges and issues faced by tribal communities and to promote their rights and well-being. The official stated that the District Legal Services authorities and NGOs play a crucial role in providing legal aid and assistance to marginalized communities, including the tribal population.

By organizing this awareness camp, they aim to bridge the gap between the legal system and the tribal community, ensuring access to justice and protection of their rights, he said. The partnership between the District Legal Services authorities and the White Globe NGO signifies a joint effort to address the needs and concerns of the tribal community, said the official.

White Globe NGO, known for its commitment to social justice and empowerment, brings resources and expertise to the table and complements the legal assistance provided by the District Legal Services authorities. The awareness camp organized on World Tribal Day focused on educating the tribal community about their legal rights, entitlements, and avenues for seeking justice, stated the official.

Knowledge-sharing sessions, interactive workshops, and informational presentations were conducted to increase awareness about relevant laws and policies. Legal professionals and experts were present to provide guidance, assistance, and answer queries related to legal matters, said the official. (ANI)

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