CRISFIELD, Md- This week Maryland Legal Aid (MLA) filed a second lawsuit against Eric Sessoms and Mt Vernon Group, LLC, alleging they operated another bug-infested, unlivable rental property without a license and also collected rent and illegally evicted a tenant from that property.

The lawsuit also alleges that the defendants collected an unlawfully large security deposit.

“They don’t have a license because this is a dirty place. This is not up to code. This is not a safe place for somebody,” said MLA Supervising Attorney Jamie Miliman adding “For an illegal deposit, a tenant is able to seek three times the amount of the illegal security deposit, that amount.”

MLA says that tenant Bobbie Molina and her children were forced into homelessness and lived out of her car for several months, and will be seeking damages of $75,000 per count.

MLA is calling for all tenants to make sure houses are up to code, and safe before renting but adds that,  “No matter what a renter knows, it is never okay for landlords to operate
these kinds of decrepit houses, particularly without a license, and that’s why we are suing.”

Mt Vernon Group LLC and Eric Sessoms have 30 days to respond.

47 ABC reached out to Sessoms and did not hear back.

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