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United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak don sack Suella Braverman, UK Home Secretary.

She chop sack afta she disregard N0 10 on top one article wey accuse Met Police of bias for di policing of protests.

Di PM sack Braverman on Monday morning, one source tell BBC.

Madam Braverman na di woman wey bin dey lead di UK new immigration law to stop immigrants.

Braverman tok say serving as home secretary na “di greatest privilege of my life”.

Meanwhile Sunak don announce James Cleverly as di new home secretary.

E go replace Suella Braverman.

Until now, Cleverly bin dey serve as Rishi Sunak foreign secretary.

While David Cameron, di former prime minister, na di new foreign secretary.

Cameron dey replace James Cleverly.

Why Rishi Sunak sack Suella Braverman

Di sacked home secretary bin dey under plenty pressure afta she write one article for di Times, wey dem publish on Thursday.

She bin condemn wetin she call di “pro-Palestinian mobs”, she tok say di protest wey bin dey in support of Palestine dey “disturbingly reminiscent” to those wey dey happun for Northern Ireland.

She also slam Met Police for “double standard” on top di way dem take handle di protests.

Madam Braverman bin dey accused of adding tension for di article ahead of di pro-Palestinian protests for London ova di weekend, wey clashes between protesters and police scata.

Former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss bin appoint Braverman as home secretary for September 2022.

But she resign from her post afta she send one official document from her personal email – wey dey against ministerial rules.

Six days later, Rishi Sunak appoint her to di position.

UK Immigration law, Suella Braverman front

For May, UK goment bin announce say foreign students wey dey study for masters degrees no go fit bring dia family members come UK again, under one restriction.

Last year, UK grant 135,788 visas to dependants of foreign students – almost nine times di figure for 2019.

Under di latest announcement, partners and children of graduate students oda dan those wey dey study courses wey be research programmes no go longer dey allowed to apply to live in di UK during di course.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently tok say legal migration too dey high.

Last year, di 135,788 visas wey dem grant dependants make up more dan a fifth of all sponsored study related visas wey dem grant, compared to 6% for 2019.

Di sacked Home Secretary Suella Braverman bin tok say di rise in dependants wey dem dey grant visas dey “unprecedented,” – e never happun before and “time don reach to tighten up di route to ensure say we fit cut migration numbers”.

Inside statement to Parliament, she add say di move “strike di right balance” between bringing down migration and “protecting di economic benefits wey students fit bring to di UK”.

Di prime minister tell cabinet ministers di change, wey go come into effect for January 2024, go make a “significant difference” to net migration numbers.

Who be Suella Braverman?

Wia dis foto come from, Reuters

Dem born Suella Braverman for Harrow, north-west London. She bin grow up for Wembley wit her parents wey bin come from Kenya and Mauritius. Dem emigrate come UK for di 1960s.

Her mama na NHS nurse and Tory councillor, she bin also contest to become Member of Parliament.

Braverman dey popular for her plans to send some asylum seekers for UK go Rwanda, as she claim say e go reduce “illegal migration” come di UK.

She bin also tok say pipo wey dey live for streets dey do so as “a lifestyle choice” and she push for restrictions on giving tents to homeless pipo.

Former UK Prime Minister, Liz Truss bin appoint her as home secretary for September, 2022.

She bin dey responsible for overseeing UK borders and policing. She later resign afta she send one official document from her personal email, wey dey against di rules.

She criticise goment say dem “break key pledges dem promise voters”. Six days later, Rishi Sunak put her back for di position.

Braverman get ambition to be di next Tory leader. Dem vote her out of di 2022 contest in favour of Boris Johnson, but she still get strong support for di right of di party.

She don dey on headlines of media wit provocative comments like Britain dey face an “invasion” of migrants.

Suella, wey be short for Sue-Ellen, marry Rael Braverman for di House of Commons for 2018. Dem born dia children George and Gabriella for 2019 and 2021.

She be Buddhist. Wen she become MP, she bin take her oath of office on di book of Buddhist scripture Dhammapada.

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