More than 50 common items at Tesco’s smaller Express shops will be replaced by more reasonably priced options, many of which will be drawn from its own-brand line, it has been confirmed.

The popular supermarket’s move comes after rivals Aldi and Lidl had a dramatic increase in sales over the past few months as Britons sought to lower the cost of their food shop bills.

As Britons struggle with a cost-of-living crisis that is already in its second year, everyone is looking for savings when it comes to food shops.

Tesco said because the items are not currently available in stores, they will not be sharing the complete list at this time.

According to a Which? poll published in June, two out of every three customers felt overcharged by Tesco and other supermarket giants for their little convenience stores.

According to the study, consumer trust in supermarkets has reached a nine-year low.

In comparison to larger shops, smaller convenience stores like Tesco Express and Sainsbury’s Local typically charge more for the same products.

In addition, smaller supermarkets feature fewer of the cheapest budget lines, making life harder for those without cars or who are unable to go to larger stores.

67 percent of respondents thought supermarkets were charging inflated prices in their convenience stores.

In addition, 75 percent of respondents said they thought convenience shop prices were excessively high when compared to those at bigger supermarkets, and 45 percent said they had trouble finding cheap goods there.

Tesco smooth peanut butter (£1.65) and Tesco penne pasta (85p), both of which will cost half as much as the previous branded product supplied, are two examples of the own-brand lines being introduced.

While this is happening, certain branded products, like toothpaste, are being replaced by less expensive branded alternatives.

According to Tesco, the transition will be finished by the end of August after the new products have been delivered to stores over the next two weeks.

Sarah Lawler, Tesco Convenience managing director, said: “We know customers are watching every penny at the moment, so we hope these helpful product swaps will bring down food bills for even more families.

“Our Express stores offer unbeatable value on everything from essentials to fresh produce, making healthy food more accessible for the 2,000 communities that we serve across the UK.

“And while our convenience stores don’t have the shelf space to carry the full range of our larger shops, by swapping these products, we’ve been able to make way for even more of our great-value own brand ranges.”

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