With the possibility of Ivanka Trump testifying against the family business in the air, experts have been weighing in on what might happen if she were to actually cooperate with prosecutors in the New York fraud case. According to Donald Trump biographer David Cay Johnston, it won’t be pretty.

While talking to CNN on Thursday evening, Johnston made it clear that should Ivanka turn against her father and/or brothers, she will be thrown to the wolves by the former president’s legal team.

Via Raw Story:

“If, however, Ivanka testifies in any way that’s damaging to her father or her brothers’ interests, then Donald’s lawyers are going to rip her to shreds and do everything they can to go after her.”

“This creates quite a challenge inside the family, but of course Ivanka has largely removed herself from the family,” added Johnston. “You haven’t seen her with her father. She’s made a few perfunctory statements on his behalf. That’s about it.”

Despite his dire prediction, Johnston believes that Ivanka will mostly take the stand only to plead the fifth. However, other legal experts don’t feel that’s the case. A ruling has already been issued, so it would be a waste of time to make Ivanka testify if she has nothing of value to say.

“It would be unusual and a waste of prosecutors’ resources if she takes the 5th,” Michigan attorney Jamie White told Newsweek. “That’s because there’s no jury to impress, no media to impress — they simply have to establish damages at this point in the proceedings.”

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